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A blog for the 2012 Women Exposed art show, April 27 - 29 at Trained Eye Arts Center in Bloomington, Ind. The show acts as a fundraiser for
Middle Way House, a not-for-profit social service agency whose mission is to end violence, both structural and interpersonal, in the lives of women and children.

Trained Eye Arts Center, the very cool venue hosting WE7, spent Saturday (April 21, 2012) celebrating women with their Queen’s Day event. Two women-empowering events two weekends in a row?… TEAC loves the ladies! Send a little sugar their way on Twitter — they’re @trainedeyearts.

Watch above as Mike Burchfield, resident graffiti artist and chairman of the Beautification Committee for Trained Eye Arts Center, busts out a live painting. Subscribe to their Youtube account for more video dandies. 

Haven’t been to TEAC yet? Here’s a Google Map link to their studio, which is off the B-Line trail and just a hop, skip and a jump away from glass of local brew at Upland Brewery. Bonus!

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